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I’ve been working with Amy and words cannot describe how transformative, loving, and supported I feel. Amy held such a strong container for me to explore myself and through that, I had so many shifts. I completely leveled up my business, changed my relationship with men + money, and got a much more deeper understanding of my worth and value.

Our time spent was invaluable and I look forward to our sessions every week. Her style is pointed, authentic, and connected. She’s everything I ever wanted in a coach. Most importantly, Amy saw me bigger than I saw myself. She dreamed for me what I couldn’t see and she supported me so much along the way.


I’m a better person and a better coach because of her.

—Tarita Preston, Chief Coach

I worked with Amy during my first two years as a new officer at my company. Without question, those two years with Amy were instrumental in my initial success as well as the success of my team. I was invested in the executive coaching experience from the start and it was clear Amy was invested in my success as well. Amy focuses on the whole of a person – not just their work title and job duties. She understands people have families, hobbies, passions, and histories that factor into the person they are in the workplace as well. We explored all these aspects of myself to ultimately help me be better in tune with my strengths and development opportunities both as a leader at my company as well as a partner, mom, friend, and community leader in my personal life. Amy helped me navigate some particularly challenging management issues and asked tough questions when I needed to delve deeper. In short, I grew tremendously during my time with Amy, both as a leader and as an individual. I definitely felt a period of grief when our “official” engagement came to a close but came out feeling stronger, more self-aware, and ready to tackle life’s professional and personal challenges with more tools in my toolbox and with a proverbial “what probing question would Amy ask me right now?” invisible bracelet on my wrist. In sum, thank you Amy for the guidance, growth, and love!


—Theresa Dumais, Vice President

Government and Industry Relations, Freddie Mac

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When I started coaching with Amy a few years ago, I was working at a stressful job, I had a painful relationship with my sister, a seemingly loving but secretly toxic relationship with my then partner, and a small view of what was possible for my life in the face of these situations as a single mom. With Amy’s candid and supportive coaching and guidance, I did the work and have changed it all. Amy helped me engage in self-forgiveness, set healthy boundaries, and gracefully face shadows within myself.  Over time, I have created a life I love to live - one filled with daily joy, and love, even in the midst of life’s ongoing ups and downs. I have enlisted Amy’s support with coaching multiple times, and each experience has yielded amazing results.  Just a short two and half years after our coaching relationship began, I now have a significantly less stressful and consuming day job -one that I enjoy and pays more money! I have established healthy boundaries with my friends and family, and have even experienced what can only be described as a miracle - a fully restored and healthy relationship with my sister. Finally, I have welcomed a new love and life partner as well as established a growing side business. Amy coached me on the business part as well! If you are wondering whether coaching with Amy is worth it, I am here to tell you, just do it! Amy is the real deal. She is supportive and thoughtful and loving and really cares. I’m grateful to have her as a coach and I look forward to working with her for years to come.

—Catherine Toppin, Lawyer, Life & Business Coach


Amy is an exceptionally powerful coach and I feel so grateful to be working with her. I worked with Amy for the first time less than a year ago to work on my executive and leadership skills in my role as CEO. In that work, she totally transformed the way I approached communication and collaboration with team members and made a seemingly impossible to thrive in the role feel easy after just a few months. 

In January 2020, I officially started my own coaching practice and was living in absolute terror over the prospect of financial failure and the blank slate of the year ahead. After one session with Amy in January, I not only felt great relief and calm, but I also went on to bill 5-figures in my first month. After only two more sessions in February, I've confirmed over $50k for 2020! Three months ago, I genuinely did not believe this would be possible without a fluke lucky event or 12-hour days of pushing and hustling. However, Amy has steadily led me through the landscape of coaching and entrepreneurship to not only achieve these results, but achieve them from a place of openness, ease, and balance in life.

Amy continues to support, stretch, and push me in recognizing and dissolving internal beliefs and boundaries that hold me back. I call her "magic" all the time and I truly believe it. Not only do clients and money seem to fall from the sky after every single conversation with her, Amy is always able to slow me down and walk me back from my sometimes crippling anxiety-induced spirals in a remarkably dependable way. And somehow, no matter what we talk about in my sessions - whether it's clients, my family, my personal life, or even my cat - Amy turns it into a coaching moment that unlocks and releases a piece of me that was holding me back from my ideal future.

I'm eternally grateful to Amy - not only for her amazing coaching skills but also for her steadfast belief in me and my goals. Working with her is by far the largest investment I've ever made in myself, and is hands down the best decision I've made for myself and my career. 

—Lisa Husseini, Professional Coach, former CEO of iCadenza

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I met Amy through an executive coaching work program. I loved her style and the results she was producing for me so much that I continued with her on my own for another three months after my work program ended. Amy’s extraordinary talents helped me identify the gaps I was looking for in my leadership and growth and helped me put a plan in place to correct, address and overcome the challenges I was going through.

The inner work she helped through was not your typical professional coaching just based on your career but rather life as a whole. We explored themes around my childhood and how that could be holding me back. Through the worksheets and resources, she shared with me we put together a personalized leadership scale to hold me accountable on a daily basis on how I was applying my learnings and helped me identify the themes I still needed help with in order to make our discussions more actionable.

If you are someone who truly wants to move forward in life, who is ready to receive and who wants to achieve your highest potential I strongly recommend working with Amy.  She will help you; Amy will be there for you and you will evolve if you commit to putting in the work.  Let’s Do this!

—S.S., Former Communications Executive, Meta

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It’s not hyperbole to say that Amy Hruby changed my life. Yes, she is my executive coach – not my life coach – but the journey we’ve been on together has covered more than the typical corporate stomping grounds.


When I was paired with Amy, I was a … reluctant executive. I didn’t believe I deserved my role. I didn’t think I wanted my role. I was at the intersection of being good at something I didn’t really want to do. How do you tackle this kind of identity crisis? Amy started with the “why.”


The “why” in my case was fear. I was afraid of disappointing people, afraid of failing, afraid of being found out. Again, Amy asked me “Why?” And over the last seven months, she’s repeatedly challenged many of my (mis)perceptions of fear. We’ve discussed the origins of my fear, how fear impacts my thinking (and, thus, my confidence), and explored what leadership, performance … and life … could feel like without fear. The answer, it turns out, is it feels awesome!


Together, we’ve normalized fear – because it’s an inescapable part of life – and developed new ways of using it constructively. This rewiring of my brain has benefited all aspects of my role, from how I boldly interact with my peers to the empathetic way I coach my team and handle disagreements with everyone.


Checking in with myself on how I anticipate you’ll receive this letter, sure, there’s a little bit of worry, but while fear can come along for the ride, it no longer gets to make decisions for me. So, I choose to tell you my truth and champion Amy’s ability to build trust, get to the root of things and shift people’s decisions on what they choose to give energy to. So, if you asked me how likely it is that an executive would benefit from working with Amy, my answer is … very. And if you asked me whether a team – or even an entire company – would benefit from being led by executives coached by Amy, my answer is unequivocally yes.


To be clear, I’ve learned, earned, and accepted a lot more from Amy than how to put fear in its place. And I use this information in some way every … single … day. I now look forward to working, leading, growing, doing – and even failing. As I said, the path we’re on together is life-changing.

—Isolde Karro, VP & Chief Communications Officer

Collins Aerospace

I am delighted to share my experience working with Amy Hruby, an exceptional executive coach who has played a vital role in helping me leave my long-time corporate job to pursue new opportunities. Amy's unique approach to coaching helped me navigate a difficult decision and provided me with the tools and guidance necessary to overcome a professional rut.


Amy is an expert in her field and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon. Her ability to ask the right questions and to listen actively helped me gain clarity on my goals and aspirations, and her insights and observations challenged me to think more deeply about my situation and my options. Her guidance was always compassionate, supportive, and insightful, and she consistently provided me with the tools and resources necessary to make progress.


With Amy's support, I was able to overcome my reservations and doubts and confidently pursue the next phase of my professional journey. Her coaching helped me to identify my strengths, articulate my values, and clarify my vision for the future. Through our work together, I developed a plan that aligned with my goals and allowed me to take concrete steps toward achieving them.


I would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for an executive coach who is compassionate, insightful, and committed to helping their clients achieve their full potential. She is an outstanding coach, and I am incredibly grateful for the impact she has had on my life and career. Thank you, Amy!


—Edward Hahn, Partner & Managing Director, Apptotype, LLC

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When I met Amy I was floundering. Through her insightful and clear-eyed coaching, I uncovered blind spots and was finally able to move past the roadblocks and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Now, my business is thriving and I am the dynamic leader I always knew I could be. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


—Carol Little, Executive Coach & Trainer

Founder, The Little Training Company

I started executive coaching with Amy at a particularly tough point in my life and career. What started as guidance on work challenges and strategies quickly evolved into new ways of looking at life and personal growth. Not what I expected since coaching was a “work” thing. She completely changed the way I looked at myself, the challenges in my life, and the relationships with those around me. The work on my own personal growth has not been easy, but she has supported every step. I am so incredibly grateful.


—Dana Gould

Managing Associate General Counsel, Freddie Mac

Amy Hruby is smart, perceptive, and quietly fierce. I’m grateful to Amy for coaching me during a pivotal transition as I “took my career to the next level.” My company offered me a few months of coaching with Amy, as a professional development perk. During this period, I was promoted into a leadership role with high visibility and high stakes reputationally. I immediately requested a year of coaching with Amy to support me in navigating my new role. I had no idea how much I would learn from her during that year!  She helped me to manage people, situations, and conflict more productively. I’m most appreciative of her teaching me to silence self-doubt and to trust myself.


—Pam Perry,Vice President of Single-Family Equitable Housing, Freddie Mac

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Amy transformed my life. Over the years I worked with her, Amy provided tools and exercises that helped build up my confidence. I found myself more comfortable when encountering fear and embracing changes. I constantly turn back to those exercises when I hit a roadblock. Instead of offering a solution, Amy helped me untangle my thoughts, develop ways to handle situations, and let me make my decision – decisions that are best for my own circumstances. She provided a safe space for me to be vulnerable with her. I have grown very much personally and professionally. Most importantly, I am so much happier about where I am today. It’s a life-long self-improvement journey. I will continue to use those tools she taught me to better myself.


—Helen Chiu, Resolution Planning Manager,

Freddie Mac

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My first session with Amy took place 3 days before the quarantine lockdown. It’s difficult to find the words to describe how important my sessions with her were as I navigated the repercussions of the pandemic in both my professional and personal lives.


Since her coaching, I’ve grown to become the most confident version of myself, and the most loving. I fully attribute the healthy relationship I have with my mind and body to my sessions with Amy, and I know that I apply many of the lessons I learned from her continuously across different areas of my life.


Amy will make you feel strong enough to take on the biggest challenges you think you’re not equipped to face. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with her.


Thank you, Amy, for everything.

—Jitter Garcia, Vice President, Event Marketing and Brand Experiences, TelevisaUnivision, Inc.

Amy’s invaluable coaching enabled tangible and measurable career growth, as well as inspired and reignited my soul evolution.  The coaching and guided exercises from Amy truly changed my life, in the most positive way - forever altering and uplifting my ability to perceive, internalize, and grow from events in my career journey and in my life journey.  When working with Amy, my goals included growing my leadership skills and getting to next level in my career.  Amy is extremely positive and insightful, and she was able to guide me in understanding that my past life events, leadership style, career accomplishments, actions, and future achievements are all connected and emanate from within - from the loving core of my true self.  Analyzing and understanding all events from the perspective of my true self revealed clear motivations, areas for growth, and future potential. Our discussions of specific examples from my career and life always resulted in Amy providing actionable guidance that I applied and subsequently achieved desired results.  She also gave me great book recommendations to further stimulate thinking and even gifted me one of her personal favorites that resonates with my journey.  After just a few months of coaching from Amy, I have enlightened perspective on my career; I am a better leader; and I am a better human.  Amy’s coaching is loving, honest, and motivating!

Athena Gordon

Program Management Senior Director

Enterprise Operations & Technology

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