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These programs provide the tools you need to live in alignment with your purpose. 

I offer several different coaching programs,
to fit a wide variety of client needs. 


Pick Your Journey


I support clients from mid-level managers to the C-suite.

We work together on slowing down & getting clear on leadership—personally & professionally. 

We examine time management, and how we vote with our money AND our calendar.

The opportunity to look at things from different perspectives & support you in expanding your creativity and inspiration.

Learning leadership from a place of peacefulness, calm, & love.


Working on communication strategies & tools, how to have difficult conversations, moving from confrontation to a "carefrontation." 


How to handle giving & receiving feedback.

Discover & explore your true purpose & calling in this world.



I work with coaches to support them in growing their coaching practice and their personal lives.

Coaching involves Business Coaching:

  • expanding your practice through service

  • strengthening enrollment skills

& Life Coaching:

  • embracing an abundance mindset

  • practicing courage

We work with proven "best practices" for growing a coaching practice as we tap into your Creativity & Intuition. Coaches who partner with me get to experience (sometimes for the first time) that the Universe really does "have your back." In my experience, this is a game-changer.  It allows coaches to relax & create a practice that succeeds, as well as one they truly enjoy.


Group coaching adds the impact of a supportive, safe community as we all grow together. Groups include:

  • Women & Money: Creating a New Paradigm for YourSelf, Your Money and Your Life so You Can Succeed & Enjoy Life More. Limited to 10 participants. Enrollment is once a year.

  • Growing your Coaching Practice: 4-Month Group Program for Coaches—Expand Your Mind, Heart, and Practice. Enrollment is once a year.

Interested in one of these programs?

Coaching Programs
Group Coaching
Coaching Coaches
Executive Coaching

Program Sneak Peak:

"Leading with Love" series

Give yourself the gift of freedom.

The freedom to be YOURSELF.

Are you feeling:​

Stuck in Your Limited Beliefs.

Out of Alignment.

Aimless/ Without Purpose.

Powerless and/or Overwhelmed.

Eager for Something MORE.

Feeling this way is OKAY. It happens to all of us. 

Fill out the questionnaire below and we can get to work & see if coaching is a fit for you.

Are you Ready for a shift?

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