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Creating Holiday Harmony:

Release the Baggage

Reclaim Your Joy!

A 90-minute Zoom Complimentary Event



There’s this idealized version of the holidays that we are all sold.
Families gathered around a table, connecting, enjoying each other, and the big perfectly cooked holiday meals.


Traditions being shared, stories being told, laughter ringing out, presents being opened, all creating an atmosphere of warmth and love. 


And it’s true—the holidays can be a magical and loving time.

And that’s certainly not everyone's experience.

  • There are people who have no family around and will be alone on the holidays.

  • Others are having their first holiday after the loss of a loved one.

  • Some people are divorced and grieving because their kids are with their other parent.

  • There are some who are in the hospital and not able to enjoy the festivities.

  • Others are having financial challenges and feeling guilty that they can’t give gifts like they usually do.

  • There are others who are resentful because they go all out for others and feel disappointed by the lack of reciprocity.

  • There are people who have challenging family dynamics and feel obligated to show up anyway.

Each of these is a valid holiday experience. It is not the scenario that creates the feelings- it’s how we relate to what’s happening that creates our inner experience. We create all sorts of beliefs and judgments (aka emotional baggage) about ourselves and others that get in the way of celebrating the holidays in meaningful ways. 

Our emotional baggage can look a lot like this...

What's your ideal holiday experience?


Perhaps your ideal holiday would be quiet and relaxing. Or adventurous and indulgent. Or maybe it would be filled with family and tradition.

Whatever version you’re hoping for, you can’t create it if you’re dragging around old hurts and resentments from holidays past or if you believe you can’t enjoy the holidays unless it lives up to the idealized vision.

Left unexamined, these stories and beliefs keep playing out, and then we think, “This is just the way it is.” 


In this 90-minute class, we will help you identify and clear some of your emotional baggage to create a more harmonious and peaceful holiday season.

Some of the gifts available to YOU

in this class are:


  • Freedom from the old hurts and frustrations from holidays past.

  • A deeper experience of Inner Peace and Joy.

  • Freedom from the idea that “this is just the way it is/the way things will always be.”

  • Greater access to your Loving.

  • Freedom from patterns of disappointment, hurt, and resentment.

  • Greater access to your Inner Guidance and what you authentically want this holiday.

  • Freedom from limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in states of dissatisfaction.

  • Releasing of guilt and shame.

  • Freedom from expectations and obligations.

Meet the DiFucci Sisters
Your Facilitators

Amy Hruby, MA & Donna Otmani, MA

Donna Otmani (1).jpeg

We have celebrated holidays together our entire lives and have supported each other in releasing old stories that kept us stuck in dissatisfying family patterns.

We have worked through plenty of emotional baggage individually and together. We are sisters, friends, collaborators, and content creators. We both hold Master’s Degrees in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and certifications as Soul-Centered Professional Coaches. With over 20 years of combined experience as Professional Coaches and over 25 years working in the Personal Growth and Development field, we are committed to teaching people how to create greater levels of joy, peace, and fulfillment in their lives.
To learn more about Amy, click
here. To learn more about Donna, click here.


Creating Holiday Harmony:

Release the Baggage

Reclaim Your Joy!

Thursday, December 7, 2023

4 pm (PST) • 6 pm (CST) • 7 pm (EST)

*A 90-minute Zoom Complimentary Event

*This call will be recorded. 

We do encourage you to participate live, as there will be

an opportunity for live coaching on the call.

You will receive the Zoom details once you register.

Questions? Email or

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